Program Day 1

7 May 2015

10:00- Registration
11:00  Opening ceremony
11:05  Plenary session

  • Prof. John Stanton – Expert in Food Marketing, Consumer food shopping trends, Food company strategy, Supermarket practices
  • Prof. Péter Horn – Prima Primissima Prize- and Széchenyi Prize-winner, elected to the International Poultry Hall of Fame, expert in animal productions strategies
  • Prof.  Eng. Dimitar Kirilov Dimitrov – Title: Importance of land and biodiversity preservation in sharing economy
  • Dr. Abdel Rahman Mihalffy – Expert in Islamic banking system, halal products
  • Prof. Rene Matlovic – Expert in Regional Planning, Urban Development and Human Geography. Title: The dynamics of higher education in Slovakia in last two decades
  • Prof. Sándor Kerekes – Expert in Sustainable consumption, Environmental economics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Renewable energy

14:00 Lunch
15:30 Conference tour to the Game Management Landscape Center in Bőszénfa which is a unique attraction in Central Europe. Comfortable clothing is suggested.
18:00 Gala dinner
20:00 and 22:00 Transfer to Kaposvár

Program Day 2

8 May 2015

Sessions start at 9:00

5th International Conference of Economic Sciences

  • Collaborative consumption
  • Knowledge sharing webs
  • Collaborative finance
  • Regional sustainability
  • Best practices in the food industry
  • Poster session

5th Climate Change, Economic Development, Environment and People (CCEDEP) Conference of the Alliance of Central-Eastern European Universities (ACEU)

  • CCEDEP session for ACEU members

10:30 Coffee break
13:00 Lunch

Looking forward to meeting you in Kaposvár!

Prof. Dr. Ferenc SZÁVAI, Chairman, Rector, ACEU, Kaposvár University

Dr. Anett PARÁDI-DOLGOS, Dean – Faculty of Economic Science, Kaposvár University

Prof. Dr. Sándor KEREKES, Chairman – Scientific Committee 5th International Conference of Economic Sciences